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Organized Religion...

One thing I would like to note, which may be of interest to some, and of amusement to others (while most people prolly won't care either way and would prefer to skip my long and annoying comments ;-), is that I never suggested sending a child to church.

Even when I suggested introducing them to the Bible, I always left organized religion out of it. (And also mentioned, as I feel, that the Bible is often better utilized for it's stories than it's direct religious value)


Because I think I'm probably one of the harshest critics of most organized orthodox religions, and in particular, Christian religions. I believe that the Catholic Church and many of the protestant Christian churches, have, despite any good they've done, been a major force for 'bad' in our world, as well.

History is absolutely littered with examples of misuse and abuse of power by different Christian/Catholic organizations. Heck, the Catholic Church has set probably done more to hold back advancements in science than any other organization on the planet. Not to mention a number of contradictions in their doctrine. It was in a couple of conservative southern churches that the Ku Klux Klan first held their meetings.

And the saddest thing of all? The fact that throughout history, more people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason.


Why is that so many of these groups, instead of teaching the message of their faith as it was intended, instead try to twist it into justifying their own ends?

And now we have a group of Fundamental Christians who have quietly and efficiently become such a strong force in the US Republican party that "conservative" and "republican" have become nearly synonymous with "Christian Right".

This scares me. I mean, truly scares me. At one time, I thought I was over reacting, but lately I've started to feel that I'm not.

Bleh, and now I've gone way off topic, so I'm just gonna cut this off here. Anyone following this thread has prolly noticed that I enjoy writing...and I often write quite a bit. Feel free to skip over my posts if you want, as they are uniformly long winded, short on point, and in most cases, you won't miss much. ;-)

Postscript: If you'd like to see a direct example of what I'm talking about in regards to politics at the end there, here's a link I posted early about a rough rant I did against *shudder* DOMA.

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