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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

"Don't convert me!!!"

In all honesty, if someone came near me and proclaimed to be a devout Christian, I would prolly run the other direction. ;-)

In fact, the first thing Jehovah's Witnesses do when they catch you at home, is say that they're not here to try to convert you. Of course, they then harass you for the next three months attempting to convert you. (My apologies to any Jehovah's Witnesses, or anyone else I offend, as it's not intended. However, the situation described here isn't exactly uncommon, and I actually have a friend who was forced to get a restraining order to get a Jehovah's Witness to leave him alone. There's something seriously wrong with that.)

You are wise to be wary of someone like me. I may just be a snake oil salesman who has dedicated his life to converting everyone to Christianity.

Except, for one important thing...

I'm not. ;-)

I haven't given anyone much reason to believe that yet, though, so I don't expect the benefit of the doubt. I will say once again, though, that I truly am not here for that.

Most of the time, followers of non-traditional religious tend to be a great deal more fun to discuss religion with, because in my experience, they tend to be a more open minded, more open to discussion, and less likely to fall back on, "The [Insert Religious Text Here] says that so and so is true, so it is, and I'm not going to talk about it anymore."

And it is definitely important to remember that when people think they are right about something, it's hard for them not to be pushing beliefs. When discussing religion, you are quite often talking about things that most people have very strong beliefs about.

It's very easy for the discussion to become an argument, and I will readily admit that I'm as often at fault as not. I greatly enjoy religious and philosophical discussions and debates, and I love to challenge people, and their beliefs, as well as be challenged in mine. (Not so much to change their beliefs, but simply to try to understand why the follow it. I've found this a great way to learn and evolve my own belief system, as I can't count the number of times I challenged someone on a specific point of their faith, and received answer which then influenced me. ;-)


Very true.

You are most definitely correct, and I agree with nearly everything you've said here. ;-)

I should have been more clear on all of these posts. . . they were cut and pasted from a discussion I was having earlier, so many of them are missing the context in which they are based.

For example, this entry here, was originally a comment about conservative right wing "Fundamendalist" Christians. Additionally, I was forced to cut out paragraphs from some of these entries in order to allow them to stand alone. In some cases, I may have been a bit zealous with my cutting. ;-)

In the context of the original comment, this was clear, however reposted here, it unfortunately appears much broader than it was intended.

I actually even made a post about how much variety there is, and how many differences there are, in Christianity. Although I don't know if it managed to get itself reposted as an entry here.

Thanks a lot for your comment. If I repost any more of my comments as entries, I'll try to pay closer attention to them, to ensure that they can stand completely alone, without external context, and still retain the meaning I wrote them with.