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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse


Okay, I feel really pathetic right now.

Last night, I sat down and started playing Final Fantasy IX. That was around midnight. At 6am this morning, I called it a night.

Around 1:30pm this afternoon, I dragged my butt out of bed. I went to the bathroom, got a drink of water, and sat down to play Final Fantasy again.

At 7:30pm this evening, I finally decided it was time for breakfast.

I haven't done something like this in ages. I can't even remember the last time I killed that much time, straight, playing a video game. I believe this is the moment where you all point and laugh at me, as you realize how sad and pathetic I am on this Saturday night.

It's odd, I remember back when I had a life. When I used to go out on weekends, spend time with friends, do things. In fact, it was only a few weeks ago.

Apathy bites. Maybe tomorrow I'll get up the desire and interest to do something about it.

Or, maybe not.


Yegods. FFIX has done nearly the same thing to me the past day or two. I came home from shopping, sicker than hell, Cassie yells at me to go to bed before I die or something, and what do I do? Sit up playing FFIX til about 2am. I stopped because I couldn't keep my eyes open. Bleh.


Well, at least I'm not the only one.

I knew right away this game would be addictive, but I had no idea I'd be pulled in harder than I have been on any Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy 3.

Luckily, I've managed to break myself away from it for over 4 hours now, so if I can hold out until I go to bed, I might be okay for a little while. I'm still thinking about it a lot, though.

I wonder if we should start a Final Fantasy IX Anonymous to help other LiveJournalers work through their addictions.

Re: Whew...

Heck yeah, man. FFIX caused a near-collision course between me and finals. Fortunately, I had willpower... Ok, ok, so it was the "Fear of God." Despite all that, unless I can finagle some points out of my Partials instructor, I'll be taking that class AGAIN... So much for "willpower."
But FFIX is way the hell better than the prior two released in the US- I mean, what the hell was 8? Can someone tell me how this blasphemy came of such good programming knowledge and art talent that brought us (with the highest reverence I can muster) Final Fantasy III? (Come on, I still get a little misty-eyed when Cid dies- doesn't everyone? I kill him just to see Celes jump).
And FFVII- what was that?! I mean, when one can put past the "beat-it-into-your-skull" hippie eco-terrorist message, yeah, it's cool. And Aeris was cute- ;-)
Well, until she died that is.
But FFIX makes up for all that by NOT SUCKING. My only complaint was that, 40 hours into the game, suddenly it's just... over. Like that. I just sit there, still entranced saying, "Huh?" And can a man, after witnessing the splendor that is IX, go back to mediocre RPG such as Wild Arms 2? Not really.
Beatrix is the Platonic "Idea Woman." Strong, courageous, independant, and good with a broadsword. ;-)
I leave it at that.