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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

The bleh entry.

I was going to write up an entry, but I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure what to say.

All in all, I'm feeling slightly bleh.

I'm still paranoid that somehow, something is going to happen and the Co-Op with IBM is going to fall through. Maybe I'm just worrying over nothing, but I could be really screwed if that happens.

I don't know why I'm concerned, I don't do any drugs, so the drug test should be a piece of cake, and there's nothing I can think of in the basic background check they're going to do that should give me any trouble.

So what gives?

I think it is just the thought of what could happen if this falls through. I quite my job over 2 months ago now, and I'm running low on cash. I'd have found another one weeks ago, except I found out I was getting this, so I've been counting on that, and not worrying too much. I also haven't registered for classes, and every day I wait is going makes it harder and harder to get what's needed, if I end up having to take classes this semester.

Bleh, if this falls through, I'm really gonna be screwed. Badly. Cross your fingers and hope that this paranoia really is just in my head.


I felt the same way when my current job was offered to me. I had to still take a drug test and they do the background check. I have not ever done drugs in my life and wasn't really concerned about the background check but I still worried and was paranoid about it. It all worked out though so...it will be fine. Try not to worry!


Thanks. ;-)

Thank you. ;-)

It's funny, because my brain is telling me I'm just being silly, and that there's nothing to worry about, but my gut is still being paranoid.

I suppose part of it could also be that I first heard from one person that I had the job like 3+ weeks ago, and it was only today that I got the official word, so maybe it's left-over anxiety from that. Going so long without getting an official offer was starting to get to me.

I appreciate the kind words, though, and I feel a bit better. ;-)

Re: Thanks. ;-)

Good, I am glad you feel better. It make makes me think that since they knew 3 weeks ago they were offering you the job and just told you recently, is that they already did the background check and once they saw everything was in order...then offered you the job. Just my opinion though. *smile*
I agree, you're just nervous, hon. I've nothing to worry about in my background or with drugs, and I get scared, too.