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The bleh entry.

I was going to write up an entry, but I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure what to say.

All in all, I'm feeling slightly bleh.

I'm still paranoid that somehow, something is going to happen and the Co-Op with IBM is going to fall through. Maybe I'm just worrying over nothing, but I could be really screwed if that happens.

I don't know why I'm concerned, I don't do any drugs, so the drug test should be a piece of cake, and there's nothing I can think of in the basic background check they're going to do that should give me any trouble.

So what gives?

I think it is just the thought of what could happen if this falls through. I quite my job over 2 months ago now, and I'm running low on cash. I'd have found another one weeks ago, except I found out I was getting this, so I've been counting on that, and not worrying too much. I also haven't registered for classes, and every day I wait is going makes it harder and harder to get what's needed, if I end up having to take classes this semester.

Bleh, if this falls through, I'm really gonna be screwed. Badly. Cross your fingers and hope that this paranoia really is just in my head.

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