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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

About GrumpyButt.

I'm writing this for GrumpyButt because last night she was too busy teasing me with mention of her shower and posting a LiveJournal entry to talk to me, and then I had to go to sleep.

So, I promised I'd post about her today. ;-)

Hrm...what to say. GrumpyButt is something of an odd duck. (Quack!) She's perpetually grumpy, and puts on something of an unfriendly front to people she doesn't know well. ("doesn't know well" meaning anyone she's know for less than 10 years;-) It's easy to go for weeks, or months even, without being sure if she actually likes you.

Of course, eventually you'll find out you were right, she doesn't like you, but that's okay, 'cause by then you won't care, you'll enjoy talking to her anyway. You see, she's got this grumpily sweet way of being really cute, and she likes to use her tongue a lot.

So, basically, anyone who hasn't checked her out, you should. She's sweet, kind, funny, entertaining, amusing, and fun. She's also intelligent and cute. Don't worry if she doesn't like you, she prolly doesn't much like me either, but she's still one groovy chick. ;-)

(Hey GwumpyButt! We wuv you! ;-)


Lies. All lies.


Wasn't that a cute little denial? ;-)

Re: Awww....

No. Actually, it wasn't.

Re: Awww....

I thought it was. But, then again, maybe I'm biased. ;-)

Re: Awww....

Or hallucinating again.

Re: Awww....

We can't rule anything out.