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New computer?

Okay, I've been considering getting a new computer for the past week or so, preferably a laptop, so I can take a box with me to New York, while still leaving mine where it is. I think I may have found The One(tm).

You can look at it here. It's a Sony Vaio with an AMD K6-2+ 550, and a 13.3" TFT display. It's a little light on the RAM, with 64, but I can always upgrade that later. The retail price is $1499, but there's 2 rebates if I buy it before December 16th, one a $100 from Sony, the other a $200 from AMD, which would drop the price to $1199.

That's a pretty sweet deal, so I'm thinking I might just have to go for this.

Anyone have any comments, suggestions, or recommendations on notebooks, or this one specifically? I consider myself extremely knowledgable about PC's, but my laptop experience is fairly limited.
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