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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

New computer?

Okay, I've been considering getting a new computer for the past week or so, preferably a laptop, so I can take a box with me to New York, while still leaving mine where it is. I think I may have found The One(tm).

You can look at it here. It's a Sony Vaio with an AMD K6-2+ 550, and a 13.3" TFT display. It's a little light on the RAM, with 64, but I can always upgrade that later. The retail price is $1499, but there's 2 rebates if I buy it before December 16th, one a $100 from Sony, the other a $200 from AMD, which would drop the price to $1199.

That's a pretty sweet deal, so I'm thinking I might just have to go for this.

Anyone have any comments, suggestions, or recommendations on notebooks, or this one specifically? I consider myself extremely knowledgable about PC's, but my laptop experience is fairly limited.


Well, being totally ignorant...

I'll just say that it looks pretty and I'd love to have one myself, so I think it's a good choice. All I know about laptops is that you've gotta make sure that the monitor thingie is really good and that that's a huge difference. But like I said, I'm totally ignorant in this area.

Re: Well, being totally ignorant...

Thanks, the thought is much appreciated anyway. ;-)
before you buy a vaio, remember these things:

1. Sony is infatuated with little things that stick out and snap off. And they like using the smallest amount of plastic possible for things, so they tend to be...flimsy.
2. Sony is also infatuated with doing things -it's way-. You -will- have trouble getting replacement parts from anyone besides Sony, which they charge an arm, leg, and nut for.
3. You may not be able to upgrade that RAM later - last I saw, Sony didn't use normal SODIMMS in laptop.

Something I'm thinking about...

Yeah, those are all things I'm keeping in mind, and part of the reason I haven't actually bought it yet.

I did check, however, and this Vaio does use standard SDRAM SO-DIMMS, so it should be easy enough to upgrade the RAM.

The rest of the criticisms are valid, though...

a pretty lappytop indeed...

... but I really think that you should get mwave's desktop a7v motherboard bundle instead - it takes both durons and tbirds, and with 256M, it comes to only $330. Toss it in a fong-kai 603 case, and then give it to me :)

seriously, tis spoogealicious. I'm about to take the plunge too, and this shall be my baby.

But if it's a laptop ya want, go for it.

Re: a pretty lappytop indeed...

Oooh, 'tis truly very pretty.

I'm thinking I really want a laptop right now, though. And, much as I like the one you pointed to, my next desktop box will be a dual AMD Duron box. ;-)

Re: a pretty lappytop indeed...

Have you seen Duron Duron?

Re: a pretty lappytop indeed...

Not yet, but I'd like to. ;-)

will ibm spot you one anyway?

Hey Chris, I know that it must sound like I am trying to dissuade you from purchasing a computer, and that's not true (for I wanked furiously to the picture of it as well)...

but luphus points out that you should find out if IBM will be issuing you a laptop for the duration of your stay there, as that may influence your decision of when to buy.

Re: will ibm spot you one anyway?

Don't worry, I don't think you're trying to talk me out of getting anything. ;-)

I value your opinions greatly, and I'm always happy to hear what you have to say.

You (luphus) brings up a good point, too. And, actually, not only do I wonder if IBM would be willing to loan me one, but I wonder, and perhaps you could help me with this question, but I wonder if IBM would be discounting a ThinkPad if I bought it while employed by them. Any idea?

P.S. It seems like luphus should have his own LiveJournal account so he can post his own comments. <g>

Re: will ibm spot you one anyway?

Whether or not you are issued one will probably depend on your manager and your job responsibilities (Luphus got one, but I didn't), and in any case you have to return it when the internship is over... still, it buys you another 9 months before you have to fork over any serious cash. So it might be worthwhile to ask your manager, especially if you were planning to use your VAIO for work as well.

There is an employee purchase plan for Thinkpads, but I often found similar prices on pricewatch and dealnews. You will have to watch for really sweet deals.

And then, of course, there's the difference between a Thinkpad and a Vaio - I could probably beat you to death with a Thinkpad if I tried. They're remarkably sturdy, with nice big displays. On the other hand, they're quite a bit heavier. I like em a lot :)