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The job.

Okay, I suppose I should elaborate a little.

I still haven't gotten the 100% official HR call and paperwork, yet, however I feel like I actually have the job now.

I met the two guys whom I will be living with and who will be joining me with Co-Op positions with IBM. We also had a conference call with the three guys who are currently there. It was a very informative meeting all the way around.

I found out exactly where I'll be. It's Poughkeepsie, New York. You can see a map of it here, courtesy of Yahoo. Or, if you'd rather see a closer picture, you can check it out here. Lastly, if you want to see a zoomed out pic, so you can see where Poughkeepsie is in relation to New York City, check out here. (The yellow at the bottom is New York City)

It turns out it's about 90 miles, or a bit under 2 hours, north of New York City. I kinda of like that, though. Close enough I can visit New York City whenever I want, but far enough away I don't have to deal with it daily, the traffic, the people, etc. That, and I understand Poughkeepsie is a *lot* cheaper than New York City. ;-)

The apartment is less than 10 minutes from the building we'll be working in, even during rush hour, according to the current interns. Rent isn't as expensive as I feared it might be, either. It's going to be $750 a month, for a three bedroom apartment. We'll splitting that three ways. Counting rent, gas/electric, and phone, we're looking at around $875 a month, to split. I'm not sure what we'll do about Internet service, yet. Hopefully, we can get cable or DSL, 'cause life would suck if I had to go dial-up.

I haven't found out for sure yet what I'll be paid for this job, but I figure that as long as I use a few brain cells, I should have no trouble covering my living expenses, as well as having some cash for fun, too. ;-)

It turns out that of the three of us, I'm the oldest. Both of the other two appear to be sophomores, and under 21 (I think they're both 20). They seem like decent enough guys, although my ego got a boost from talking to them, because I don't think either of them has as much experience or knowledge as I do. ;-)

The job officially starts on January 8th. Wee!

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