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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Would you like fries with your help?

Okay, maybe someone out there can help me out. I was telling shrew about this, but she doesn't believe me.

I happen to be an extremely boring and unfunny person. It's not a good thing, but it's a fact. My life is utterly unexciting, and this causes me to regularly sink into boredom.

Now, this wouldn't be all that bad, but I'm also terribly unfunny. My sense of humor must have been somehow stunted while I was a child. I'm sure all of you who have chanced upon any of my entries have noticed by now that they tend to be very dry and boring. I don't do that on purpose, I simply can't help it.

Every time I try to make a joke, I fail. I think the thing that gets me the most, is my lack of ability to understand sarcasm. It just doesn't make sense to me. What is it that's supposed to be so funny about saying one thing, but meaning something different? Is that supposed to be like irony or something?

Oh, well. Maybe when I get old I'll figure this humor thing out. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of any how-to books or anything, I'd appreciate it. I really don't like being this boring.


Please make an appointment with Carlton for sarcasm lessons.


Do you think he could help me get a sense of humor?
Possibly. But, more importantly, he would help you to understand sarcasm and how important it is to the world as we know it.

I see.

Ahh, I see. That does sound like a pretty good idea.

I wonder if he'd work for fish food.
er, yeah, but i've met you in real life, chris, and you're an amazingly awesome person. I find you neither boring nor unfunny.

In fact, if you were to travel and visit me sometime, you would get:

(1) To spend time in an interesting and different place.

(2) To spend time with ppl who find you similarly awesome. Please believe that our feelings are genuine - I'm old enuff to buy my own booze now :)

(3) That dinner at Red Lobster which has been oft-promised, never redeemed.

yes yes? you come, yes?


Perhaps you are just equally borring unfunny, no?

Could that be why you don't find me to be borring an unfunny?

In the imortal words of Penfold, "Crumbs Chief!"


Re: But...

Goodness, you're caustic today...

Re: But...

Or, perhaps I was attempting to be funny, but the joke went over your head.

Has anyone, anywhere, ever made a serious remark, and then followed it with a quote from Penfold, the silly sidekick to Danger Mouse, that went along the lines of, "Crumbs Cheif!"?

Although, admittedly it would help if you knew that I know clevergirl in person, fairly well, and I know for a fact she is neither boring, nor unfunny. In fact, she's a very exciting and witty person, and one of my close friend.

Still, it seems a lot of people are missing things on this thread, so I guess I'll have to post about it. Check my entries for today to read more.

Re: But...

Yes. Clevergirl is the coolest person on the face of the planet, and second-runner-up should you choose to include cave-dwelling hermits.

She also highly approves of topher, but not of her highly irritating roommates, who are in rare form tonight.

Can I substitute fries for onion rings?

I think the subject line of your entry itself betrays a sense of humor. Sophisticated perhaps (and thus a little harder to distinguish), but nonetheless extant. Besides, you probably know this already, but the scale of humor (I think the Ancient Greeks or someone came up with this one) ranges from the base, crude, and obscene to the subtle, intellectual parodies. The key there is, (dum-dum-DUM!) _subtlety!_ See? You're so funny you can't even recognize it (kind of like Woody Allen, only not so existentialist and not involving 16-year old Asian girls).