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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Silence on the job front...

Well, I have yet to hear from IBM with their 'official' offer of a job.

I'm starting to get a little worried and trying to figure out whether this is gonna fall through, or what.

When I heard from the guy at the University who set everything up, he said he was calling on behalf of the guy from IBM, and that it looked pretty certain. Especially the fact that the guy from IBM asked him to call, makes me think this will prolly still happen.

However, he said IBM would contact me within a few days, and I haven't heard a thing from them yet. Of course, a 'few days' can mean different things to different people. When I say it, I usually mean it to be 2-3, but my brother has said it when he meant a week or so. It's hard to tell.

I think I'm gonna try to get a hold of the guy at school tomorrow, and if he doesn't have any news for me, I'm gonna start planning as if I'm not getting the Co-Op. I'd love to have it, but if it falls through, I need to get classes registered, and find myself a new job.

Even if I'm not getting it, I really wish they'd tell me for sure one way or another...that way I can get setup for whatever I need to.


Re: pain

I've found "real" jobs to be just as bad. A few weeks ago, I interveiwed with First Data Resources, one of the largest Credit Card processing companies around.

Everything was going great, and in fact, it seemed as if I was going to get the job. Then, everything went silent from them. I find out a while later that someone from upper management came in and literally killed the job. He'd decided it was more important to hire someone for a different position right now.

Great, thanks for wasting two weeks of my time with interviews, pre-screening tests, and such.

Gotta love it. ;-)