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WoooHooo! The job prospect looks good!

I got a call from the guy at the University who set up the interviews with IBM, for the co-op/internship position I'm after. He had good news. ;-)

IBM is interested in me, and I should be getting a call from them within 2-3 days with an official offer for the position. I'm going to New York! ;-)

This is a 5 month, full time, position. I'll either be doing application development and porting between OS/390 (IBM Mainframes) and Unix/Linux, or I'll be doing technical writing and documentation. The former is my preferred choice, but I'd be happy enough doing either.

Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I need to do something insanely stupid to show how happy I am.

. . .

Wow, it's really cold out. ;-)

Addendum: In what is, I think, a very strange cooincidence, I just noticed that this entry is also my 100th LiveJournal entry. Nifty. ;-)

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