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Updates on Sarah's introduction to LiveJournal.

Here's from when she signed up:

22:30 [msg->] Sarita What username on livejournal? ;-)
22:31 Sarita: [msg] clevergirl
22:31 Sarita: [msg] you know i don't have time for this
22:31 Sarita: [msg] :)

Here's from a short time later:

22:48 Sarita: [msg] damn ye and yer journalings!
22:48 Sarita: [msg] look, i can customise it!
22:49 Sarita: [msg] heh
22:49 Sarita: [msg] lookit it now
. . .
23:01 Sarita: [msg] :)
23:01 Sarita: [msg] it's all in fun :)
. . .
23:09 Sarita: [msg] damn
23:09 Sarita: [msg] did not want to get sucked into this
23:09 Sarita: [msg] but it is strangely compelling

She's hooked. <g>
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