Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

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Life is good.

Life is looking very good today.

I just got home from my job interview, and it went really well. The position is a Unix and NT System Administrator position. The job is actually with First Data Resources (FDR), a very major credit card processing company. FDR is contracting the position out, at least initially, through a company called Solutions Point. If I get it, I'll be a consultant with Solutions Point for a while, working at FDR, but there is a right to hire clause in the position. So, if everything goes well, it would most likely turn into a permanent employment position within 6 months or so.

The interview itself went really well, too. The guy I interviewed with was really cool, and very informal, which fits my style well. We sat and BSed for 20 minutes after the interview, too.

Definitely a good start for the day, so far.
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