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SorceryNet/IRC - #Rafters

Okay, this just goes to show you never know what's going to come up on IRC. ;-)

<Lordy> Skan: does me running netbsd improve my rating as an oper? ;)
<Unknown> Try oral sex instead.
<dev> Lordy: actually, oral sex doesn't work well on Skan, try something else
<Lordy> stop, you're making my keyboard wet
<[TGHI]Shrew> trust me, if someones good at it they can work it out of you
<keith> eeww
. . .
* KrystelFlame lost the thread of the conversation, lordy needed a review sheet for oral sex?

Update: petfish just let me know this is a compilation of comments over a day or so, and from the topic of #Rafters. Nifty. ;-)
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