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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

Political Newstainment

Okay, maybe I'm missing something, but why is Sarah Palin such big news? A couple of coworkers were talking about her earlier, and one of them was talking about how impressed she was with Palin. I asked her why, and what it was that she'd done that was impressive, and my coworker gave me a surprised look like she couldn't believe I'd asked her. Two minutes later, she gave up in her attempt to explain what impressed her and admitted that there really wasn't anything specific she could put her finger on.

I can't help but see Sarah Palin as the political equivalent of Paris Hilton. She's suddenly a huge celebrity, but for no real reason. It's not talent, nor accomplishment that has landed her a place as a celebrity. . . What's the appeal that I'm missing?

[Note: For anyone who's wondering if my observation comes from party bias, I'm registered as a Libertarian, so I try to hate both primary political parties evenly. I just don't understand why the news is wasting so much time on someone who's said little, and done less.]


I think it's image, really. McCain has been pimping the "Washington reformer" image for his own campaign for such a long time, and then they pull up Sarah Palin and give us a mythical biography as a crusader against corruption and reckless spending - which, as we begin to dig a little deeper, mostly seems to unravel.

For instance, Bridge to Nowhere? Staunch supporter until it became politically untenable. Then she still spent the money elsewhere. Pork? As Mayor, she had her nose to the trough just as much as anyone.

And even corruption? Well, it's looking like pushing out the Murkowskis was more a matter of being in the right place at the right time than it did actually involve doing anything.

This whole polishing a turd phenomena becomes painfully clear when you see just how far McCain tries to stretch it. "She has foreign policy experience! As, uh, commander of the Alaska National Guard!"

For people who aren't actually digging that deep into the image story, it sounds pretty impressive, because they're told it's impressive. But it pretty much falls apart the minute you start kicking the tires. Kind of like McCain himself, really.
I think a lot of it is because she's said little and done so little, why is she a VP vandidate?!