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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

ClassicCloseouts.com Fraudulent Charges

So, back almost a year ago (October of '07), I purchased a couple of shirts from classiccloseouts.com. The shirts weren't quite as good quality as I'd hoped, but they weren't bad, and they were inexpensive. All in all, I wasn't dissatisfied with the purchase.

Until today. When checking my credit card statement, I discovered that on 6/23/08, classiccloseouts.com fraudulently charged my account for $69.99. No order was placed, nothing was received, no e-mail or receipt was received, I haven't even visited the site since my order last year.

While googling to try to find out what happened, I discovered that this isn't an isolated incident. Google for classic closeouts fraud will get you a ton of hits from people making the same complaint, usually for the exact same amount of money.

I sent their customer service an e-mail with a specific required timeline for them to credit back the charge on my card. If they don't meet it, I'll be disputing the charge with my credit card company (Discover Card), and filing complaints with Better Business Bureau and TRUSTe (TRUSTe has their seal on classiccloseouts.com's website). I may also file a complaint with my state Attorney General and the FTC for Online Shopping Fraud.

So, if you haven't ordered from these thieving bastards, I would strongly recommend that you don't. If you have, check your credit card statements carefully.



Classic Closeouts Fraud

I would make a bet that there are probably hundreds of people that Classic Closeouts has defrauded within the last month. All the posts I have seen all over the web seem to be dating back to the middle of June. A charge for $69.99 just showed up in my bank account on July 22nd. I am completely frustrated and confused as to why some government agency hasn't already gone in to investigate this or shut them down. I just day filed a complaint with Governments Ic3.gov website (internet fraud), the FTC, the New York attorney general and made CNN News aware of this. Someone's gotta take notice at some point!!!

Re: Classic Closeouts Fraud

Yeah, it's definitely way beyond any sort of innocent mistake at this point. These guys need to be shut down and held criminally liable for this fraud.


Re: Classic Closeouts Fraud

Same with me, It happened again in october 2008, Last time it was on June and July . This time 3 transactions 69.99 , 79.99, 79.99.


Help is on the way

These guys will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!
Please do that and please let us know who apologized to you. I am so glad now that I've applied for credit card consolidation, this will lower my debt and I hope this will also help me avoid this kind of fraudulent charge incidents. I checked my credit card recently, no bad news there.