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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

New Cell Phone. . . Nokia 6682?

I need a new cell phone. Desperately. My current cell phone is a Sanyo SCP-4500 from late 2001. In cell phone years, it's about 247, and it looks like it's been run over. Repeatedly.

So, I'm looking for a new one. I've checked out a ton of them, but I'm hampered by the lack of decent non-flip phones (I really dislike flip phones), especially from Sprint, my current provider.

Of course, since I've been on the same plan for 4 years, I'm not exactly locked in right now.

The phone I'm currently leaning toward is the Nokia 6682. It's a non-flip phone, looks good, seems to have every feature I could ever want, and I just managed to find it for free after rebate.

Any comments, or suggestions?

Here's the basic requirements: Non-flip, non-fugly, decent battery, good reception, the ability to easily create my own custom rings.

Everything else, camera, internet, bluetooth, etc., I care far less about.


Nokias are some of the most solid phones I've ever encountered. I had one through college and I trashed the shit out of it and it kept working and I hardly ever charged it. I've worked in the cell phone biz for 1.5 years and although we don't sell a lot of Nokias (due to their low amount of features) the ones we do sell don't come back.
Also, if you want phone info, I reccomend phonescoop.com
You beat me to it.

Series 60 Nokia phones are generally really good.

And you can buy my games, Topher!

Cell Phone.

Excellent. Thanks for the information.

At this point, unless I come across a good reason not to get the Nokia within the next 24 hours, I'm gonna order it.

Thanks again!