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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Danger Mouse

Digital Audio Player.

Okay, so I'm in the market for a digital audio player, and I'd like some

Here's the requirements:
  • Ogg Vorbis Support
  • Audible.com Support
  • Decent size storage (>20GB prefered)
I have yet to find a single player that can meet those three simple
requirements. The Rio Karma almost does, and should have. . . according
to a press release last year, Rio was going to be releasing a firmware
update to add Audible support. Unfortunately, they've since flaked out.
iRiver has made a similar announcement a few months ago, but I'm not
going to buy a player based on "expected" features promised in a press
release. The Rio example shows what folly that would be.

So, anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?


If you find one that plays OV files, let me know - that's been one of the big impediments to me buying a digital music player, i.e., lack of OV compatibility.

Digital Music Player with Ogg Vorbis support.

There's actually a handful of them that support Ogg Vorbis. The best listing I've found so far is at:


Ogg only is doable, but finding a player that supports Ogg Vorbis and audible seems impossible. ;-/
What's audible?

And I'd stay away from Rios myself. I hear better things about iRiver,


Audible is the sound format that Audible.com uses. Audible.com is a service that provides Audio books over the internet. They can be purchased individually, or via a subscription package.

Once purchased, you stream them, or download them and listen to them. Generally they can be played from your computer, any compatible digital audio player, or burned to CD as a normal audio CD, and played that way.
The Karma is also discontinued as of today. Re-weight your choices accordingly.

Karma discontinued.

I'm not entirely surprised. I noticed when I was first investgating it that it was no longer for sale from Rio's website. That made me wonder how much longer it would be around.

Either way, due to it's lacking (despite promises to the contrary) support for Audible.com, I'd basically already ruled it out.

Thanks for the update, though.