December 10th, 2009

Lord Yupa

The BEST player in College Football in 2009: Ndamukong Suh

A lot of people have trouble understanding how good Ndamukong Suh, the Defensive Tackle for the Nebraska Cornhuskers really is. There aren't many frames of reference for the statistics a DT generates, so people don't know how to compare him. It just doesn't get talked about like a running back who breaks 2000 yards, or a quarterback that passes for 3000 yards.

Here's some numbers for comparison to help out.

2009 Season Statistics
TeamTacklesTackles for LossSacksQB HurriesPass Broken UpInt.Forced FumblesBlocked Kicks
Alabama DL9823.59.5205023
Florida DL1123314485010
Texas DL11625.515.5107020
Ndamukong Suh8223122410113

So. . . here's how Suh compares to the entire defensive lines of Alabama, Florida, and Texas. Not a single player, not even a pair of players, but the entire D-Line. And that's despite the fact that every team the Huskers played went out of their way to take him out of the play, including double teaming and even triple teaming him almost every play.

It'd be insane to not give him the Heisman.

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