Christopher Cashell (topher) wrote,
Christopher Cashell

"There is nothing illegal in Nathalia's art. She has killed the animals in as humane a way as possib

Found on jwz's journal.

I can't help but find this rather disturbing for some reason:

I'm not one who is easily bothered with this kind of thing, and I find it somewhat odd that it. . . annoys me, as much as it does. I have no issue with hunting in general, and in fact I have been out hunting more than once. I think PETA is generally moronic, and I find vegetarians who "do it for the animals" to be silly.

Maybe it's the senselessness to it. She can call it "art" if she wants, but I don't see anything artistic about it. It's all just too sensationalistic, like in the same way that Marilyn Manson says and does things just to get attention.

Oh, well.

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