October 17th, 2004

Lord Yupa

freeipods.com Spam Scam.

I think I've discovered how freeipods.com is managing to stay in
business while giving away free geek toys. They claim that it's by
getting you to sign up for other "special offers". But I think that's
only part of it.

I think they sell your e-mail address to every spammer with the money to
buy it.

I have a Gmail account that I recently created. It's barely been used,
and had not received a single spam. The same exact day that I decided
to investigate the freeipods.com thing, using that address, the spam
started. And I'm not talking about one or two e-mails, I'm talking
about 5-10 spams every day for the past month now.

What an interesting coincidence, don't you think? Within a few hours of
signing up for this thing, I start getting spam from a dozen different

You know, I can deal with it when you fill out a form, and the company
there sends you spam. At least you know where it's coming from. But
damn I hate it when those bastards sell your e-mail address to everyone
else, because once it gets out there, you'll never stop it.

We really need to overhaul the entier e-mail infrastructure and come up
with something that has built in authentication and security.