October 4th, 2004

Lord Yupa

White House Lied to the US about Iraq Nuclear Program.


Here's a very in depth look at the "evidence" of Iraq's nuclear program. In a nutshell, while Bush, Cheney, and company, were telling us that they had irrefutable evidence of Iraq's efforts to build nuclear weapons, and that those efforts could be completed at any time, the truth is that they ignored the fact that the US's top nuclear officials considered the "evidence" to be at the very best, incredibly suspect, and that in reality it was so remote as to be laughable.

The article comes from the New York Times. Note, it's a fairly long read, totaling 15 pages.

I have to admit, any confidence I had in the current administration is rather hugely shaken by this.

Oh, and I'm also really pissed off for being lied to. I've always felt this war was more politically motivated than anything else, but reading this just slams home how thoroughly the People of the United States have been played for fools by the White House.
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