July 27th, 2004

Lord Yupa

Eat well and grow taller?

I just came across a really interesting article that talks about some very strong correlations that are being found between proper nutrition and height, specifically in the fact that as Americans' diets get worse, we've stopped getting taller, while much of Europe, with less of a reliance on McD's *is* still getting taller.

It makes you realize how important nutrition is, not just for immediate health, but for growth potential, too. Perhaps Mom was right when she said that eating your veggies will make you grow up tall and stron. . .
Lord Yupa

Job schedule getting worse yet?


Nothing is 100% decided yet, but things are looking worse for me and my work schedule. It looks like I might be working Tuesday night through Saturday night. Which means that I obviously lose both my Friday and Saturday nights, which sucks, but it also means that when I work Saturday night, I'm there until 7:30am Sunday morning.

I get off work, go home, in bed by around 8:30am. I then have to wake up before 1pm to get ready for work at my once a week bartending job at the Airport.

4 hours of sleep?

This is starting to really annoy me.