July 23rd, 2004

Lord Yupa

Job woes.


It looks like I will be changing job schedules, and not for the better, as I'd originally thought.

Now, it looks like I'll be going to Monday night through Friday night, 11:30pm - 7:30am.

Back on the five days a week, so I lose my extra day off, and the day I'm losing is Friday. Seeing as I was basically told I was getting the schedule I posted previously, I'm seriously not amused at this.

The loss of 4x10's really annoys me. Especially since that was spelled out on the "official" job offer letter I received, and is honestly one of the reasons that I took this job. Having my schedule change three times in four months is not a good way to keep employees happy.

The poor pay, increasingly monotonous and frustrating job, and worsening schedule, is giving me the distinct impression that it's time for a new job.

I think I'll start looking at alternatives tomorrow.