July 21st, 2004

Lord Yupa

New hours at work.


It sounds like my work schedule could be changing soon.

I'm currently working what is basically an ideal overnight schedule. It's a 4x10 schedule, four days a week, ten hour days.

Monday: 11:30pm - 9:30am
Tuesday: 11:30pm - 9:30am
Wednesday: 11:30pm - 9:30am
Thursday: 11:30pm - 9:30am

It sounds like I'll most likely be working the day shift starting in the next couple of weeks. The good, I'll be working days. The bad, the days start early, and it's 5x8's again.

My new schedule will be Sunday - Thursday, 7:30am - 3:30pm.

Actually, my biggest concern with the new schedule is that I'm currently working at the Airport bar, The Hanger, on Sunday evenings. I'm going to have to either move that, or stop working there. . . neither of which are ideal situations. Hrm. I wonder if it would be possible to get them to switch my shift to start at 4pm there. I think I could make it down there if they did. (My other alternative would be to work Friday or Saturday down there, and Saturday I'd make no money, Friday I'd be giving up my Fridays.)