May 7th, 2004

Frog Wizard

I should have known. . .

Me and a group of friends go out to a restaurant almost every Thursday night. It's become a tradition. The restaurant is called Senior Matia's, and the reason we go there is because they do a special on tacos and margaritas after 9pm (it actually runs Monday through Thursday, but we've always gone on Thursdays). After 9pm, they're only $1.49 each (they used to be $1.39, and before that even cheaper (I remember back like 5 years ago, when they were only $0.99)) and they are well worth it. Pitchers of margarita are only like $6.

And they are *very* good tacos. Some of the best I've had.

So, anyway. . . there's a waitress there named Gen that I've had an interest in for some time. She's quite cute, very friendly, and very cool. Even when she isn't our server, she makes a point to come over and say "hi", and I make it a point to go over and talk to her.

Tonight, I was talking to her, and she gave me her phone number. Awesome right?

Except she also informed me that she'll be moving in a month. . . to Wisconsin.


I should have known. It was all looking too sweet to actually work out, for a minute there.

Oh, well.
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