January 13th, 2004


Fun with Veggies! (#Rafters on SorceryNet.)

*StarThorn eats some carrots with ranch veggie dip.

. . .

*StarThorn grfs.
*StarThorn just dropped his carrot into the dip. . . and it sank.
<StarThorn> WooHoo!
<StarThorn> I just managed to save it with another carrot. ;-)
*Gandalf laughs.
<StarThorn> Hey, this is important stuff. ;-p
*leile steals ST's carrots.
<StarThorn> Ack!
*leile makes rude gestures with the carrots.
*Gandalf grins and waggles his eyebrows at jaye.
<strex> heh :>
leile anally assaults Gandalf with a carrot
Gandalf: hey now!
Gandalf: Did you at least lube it with dip first?
*StarThorn groans.