November 7th, 2003

Lord Yupa

KISS and Aerosmith.

I saw KISS and Aerosmith tonight.

Awesome show. Had an absolute blast.

My only problems with it were that it was too short (particularly Aerosmith, although we believe that wasn't their fault. . . they didn't come back out for an encore, and we think it's due to noise/sound requirements after 11pm. . . I've noticed that very rarely does a show run past 11pm anymore). That, and much as I love Aerosmith (and I do, trust me. . . I have almost all of their albums, and it isn't just 'cause I enjoy looking at 'em. ;-), they should have started, with KISS following.

Don't get me wrong, both bands put on a great show. But due to the style and type of show that KISS does, with such an emphasis on the "show", and with amazing pyrotechnics, lights, smoke, etc, it's *really* hard to follow up an act like that. Honestly, I can't think of anyone off the top of my head that I think could follow up KISS truly successfully. Their show is just too. . . too much. It's too big, too flashy, too exciting.

Oh, well. Regardless of those issues, the night was awesome.

And, it kicks of the beginning of my November concert marathon. KISS and Aerosmith today, King's X are on the 16th, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is on the 19th, and Symphony X is on the 22nd. What a great month! ;-)