October 25th, 2003

Frog Wizard

Testing E-Mail Posting.

I'm posting this via an e-mail, to see if the new e-mail posting feature (for paid accounts (and early adopters)) works.

This is a feature I've wanted for a long time, simply because then I can post entries via my "normal" method of communication. Now all I need is to set up an IRC Bot interface that will relay posts to LJ for me, and live would be perfect. ;-)

Update: Thanks to chrisg for mentioning this, too. That's where I picked it up. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

More posting?

It's odd, but I really think there will be a lot more posts coming fromme in the future. I'm not quite sure why, but the ability to post journal entries via e-mail is just really cool to me.

I prolly have half a dozen different LJ clients installed across various computers, and realistically, it's not much harder to switch from e-mail over to one of the LJ clients, or even the LJ webpage. But for some reason, it just seems easier and more convenient to send posts via e-mail.

I can only suppose it must be due to the huge amount of time I already spend with e-mail. I could handle losing my telephone (landline and cell phone) much easier than I could deal with losing my e-mail. E-Mail is, with the exception of face-to-face interaction, my most important means of communication.

Oh, well. That's your warning. Be prepared for more journal entries from me in the future. ;-)
Lord Yupa

E-Mail posting issue.

Ugh. I've discovered one problem with e-mail posts. . .

Line length.

My e-mail client automatically wraps a line of text at around 74 characters. Which means that any posts that I send via e-mail are, unless I go through and manually fix them, gonna look funny.

I'm trying to figure out an easy to way to filter them through some program (fmt? par?) to reformat the lines on a paragraph basis. I'm worried that it's gonna be hard to do automatically. . . hrm. I'll have to think about this some more.