July 21st, 2003

Danger Mouse

When hubs go bad.

I've been having intermittent problems with Internet access the past week. In a really unusual way.

First, a note of explanation. My current setup involves a cable modem plugged into a linux box that acts as a firewall and router, which connects to the rest of the home LAN (which varies between half a dozen and a dozen machines).

Now, two of the machines well, both when accessing the Internet, and as I later discovered, when moving files between machines on the LAN. I was also rather worried when I got 25% packet loss between two machines sitting next to each other on the same LAN. This started to give me the impression of either a bad network card on some machines (less likely) or some other network connection issue. So, for kicks, I pulled out an old switch that I had laying around (I'd actually been meaning to replace the hub with it for a while), and swapped the hub for it.

Seems to have done the trick. ;-)
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