June 3rd, 2003

Danger Mouse

Cool Gift from O'Reilly.

So, a while back I signed up for O'Reilly's newish Safari online bookshelf thing.

So far, I can say that I love it. It's been really cool, and really useful.

And, O'Reilly just sent me a free gift.

I got home, and I came across this yellow envelope sitting in my mail. I picked it up, and I saw O'Reilly's name on it. This got me curious, as I've ordered things from O'Reilly before, and own a number of their books, but I haven't bought anything recently.

So, I opened it, and came across a letter thanking me for participating in Safari, and informing me that this was a free gift. Behind the letter, I found a copy of Google Hacks, 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools. Glancing through it, it appears to be a rather cool book.

And the price was great. ;-)

Things like this really go a long way towards enhancing loyalty. I've always been a fan of O'Reilly, but when they do things like this, it guarantees that they'll be the first place I look when I need a new book.
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