April 3rd, 2003

Frog Wizard

Exhausted Funk.

My Funk is tired.

I'd forgotten just how involved a Parliament/Funkadelic show is. They started at just after 9pm, and ended around 1am.

Four hours of Funk.

I read earlier today, that George Clinton recently turned 61. Despite that, he still knows how to work a crowd like few I've ever seen. He came on stage about 45 minutes into the 4 hour show, and didn't speak for the first 5 minutes. He just waved his arms and used gestures and hand signals to direct the music, and the crowd, how he wanted. Within 5 minutes, the crowd was inflamed, and everyone was going nuts.

I'd say more, but I'm exhausted, and I'm gonna go pass out in bed now. ;-)
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