November 21st, 2002

Lord Yupa

Job stuff.

Okay, so last Friday I got a call to come in for a job interview. The place is American HealthNet. They do software and services for hospitals, clinics, etc.

The interview was for a Software QA (Quality Assurance) position. Basically, they're in the process of rewriting their system, and they need people to beat on it, break it, document how they broke it, and make sure it gets fixed.

I've never specifically done Software QA before, but I've done enough testing and such with my other software development work that I felt pretty comfortable with my chances. And, the interview went well. I was pleased with how things went, and I liked the lady I interviewed with.

However, she threw me for a slight curve towards the end of the interview. I was thinking things had gone well, and then she asked if I would mind if she passed my resume on to someone else in the company, for another position I might be more qualified for.

This started me worrying a little. . . does the fact that I don't have any hard Software QA experience mean she doesn't think I'm qualified? Is she trying to tell me that she's not going to hire me, but doesn't want to be cruel and dash my hopes entirely? Or is there really another position within the company that she thinks I'd be good at?

Then, Tuesday morning, around 11am, I get a call from the lady I interviewed with. She wants to know (after apologizing for the short notice) if I can come in for an interview this afternoon, with another guy. From the few bits she says, it sorta sounds like this is for a phone tech support position, which I'm really not interested in (I've done that crap before, and I don't wanna do it again), but I figure that since I've got a few free minutes, I might as well check it out.

I arrive a few minutes early, and the secretary calls back to the guy who'll be interviewing me. She starts to laugh as she hangs up, and amusingly relates that when she told the guy I was there, he responded with, "Oh, crap! He's here already?" I was about 5 minutes early, by the way. The secretary then informs me that I might want to have a seat, as the guy I'm interviewing with is really swamped with work.

In fact, that's why he's interviewing, is to find a person or two to help take some of the load he's trying to deal with. Additionally, he ended up having to cut the interview short (he said he would when he arrived), due to some pressing work that he needed to finish by that day. We ended up talking for about 20 minutes or so.

I have to say, the more he talked, the more interested in the job I became.

It would, initially, involve some phone tech support, as well as direct support, mostly for the office there, and to keep the computers, network, and servers running. Eventually it would also include some support work for their software products to customers. After I learned the software well, it would also include traveling to new customer sites to install and setup the software and systems. He said there could be as much as 15%-20% travel, after 6 months.
I think that sounds like a blast. I love to travel. Especially when someone else is paying for it. ;-)

Lastly, because they are short handed right now (which they're working to fix by hiring new people (hence my interview)), there are a lot of other "odd projects" that they need people on. This interests me, because I get bored easily, and I like having lots of different things to work on.

Hopefully I'll hear back on this soon. It'd be really nice to have a "real" job again, and be done bartending for a while. It'd be nice to have a better paying job, too. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

The Traveling Wilburys.

I love the story of how the Traveling Wilburys got together. ;-)

How did they get together?

George was recording a B-Side for one of his Cloud Nine singles. Jeff was producing it. He was also producing Roy's latest album and while the three of them had lunch, Roy volunteered to sing on George's song. The only recording studio they could find that was available was Bob's. George's guitar was round Tom's house. When they went to pick it up, Tom tagged along.
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