September 30th, 2002


Cinnamon Toothpicks.

Anyone remember those cinnamon toothpicks you used to be able to get?

It was a little plastic packet with around 10 toothpicks which had been soaked in cinnamon oil, which you could suck/chew on. They were awesome (of course, your liking or disliking of cinnamon might afford you an alternate view).

I loved those things, and was really annoyed when I couldn't find them anymore. So, like anyone who was disappointed about something like that might do. . . I went out and bought some cinnamon oil and a box of toothpicks, and made my own. ;-)

But, I was discussing these with a friend of mine the other day, and I had a thought, why not see if you can still get them somewhere. . . and the best way to check that? The Internet, of course. As luck would have it, I found them. ;-)

I've now got a couple of boxes of them being shipped to me. This rocks. ;-)
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