February 24th, 2002

Danger Mouse

Cell phones. . .

I've had a cell phone with service from Sprint PCS for. . . well. . . something going on 5 years now.

On the whole, I've been pleased with them, other than the fact that I spent months in New York without service because they had their heads up their butts and wouldn't provide service to the town I lived in (they did, however, provide service for the smaller town 10 miles south of me).

Now, again, in general I've been happy with Sprint. But Qwest is offering 1000 anytime minutes for $40 a month, and that's hard to beat. Alternately, I could go with 1500 anytime minutes for $50 a month (which is what I currently pay for 500 anytime and 1500 night/weekend minutes).

Anyone tried Qwest's cell phone service? Opinions?
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