February 11th, 2002

Danger Mouse


Short power outage earlier. Killed my Linux server.

When the box came back up, it was refusing to mount IDE hard drives. Seems that it somehow lost half of the /dev/hd* files. Along with around 1000 other /dev files.

I don't have any hard evidence yet, but I think the loss was related to devfsd. Either way, this really highlights my need to get my root file system moved over to ReiserFS (It's the only one that isn't using ReiserFS). Or, at the very least, ext3, since I think I can convert to that in place.

Looks like I have a new project this week.
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Danger Mouse


Okay, there's definitely something odd going on with devfsd. Since the box needed some work anyway, I went ahead and manually rebooted it. During shutdown, it got hung up on shutting down devfsd, and I was forced to hard reboot it.

Same situation, missing files in /dev.
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I have to work way to early tomorrow. I need to sleep now.

G'Night, everyone. I hope your evening went better than mine (my one "high" point was busting out and watching my new Adventures in Babysitting DVD).
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