January 7th, 2002

Danger Mouse


I hate being sick.

Two weeks, and I'm still coughing sometimes, and everyone who talks to me on the phone still thinks I'm dying. I don't even really feel sick (beyond the occasional cough and rough sounding voice), but it still sucks.

Oh, and for some extremely odd reason that I haven't managed to track down yet, my Linux box has suddenly started changing it's IP address a right around 3am every morning. I made a lot of major software updates to it in the past week, and this is really bizarre, so I'm totally out on why it's doing this. It's kinda seems to be resetting the IP addy to a DHCP requested IP, but it should be using a static IP, and I remove dhcpcd this afternoon, hoping that would fix it (it had previously been disabled. . . and it didn't fix the problem).

Grrr. I'll fight with it tomorrow.
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