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Lord Yupa

February 2010

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Lord Yupa

freeipods.com Spam Scam.

I think I've discovered how freeipods.com is managing to stay in
business while giving away free geek toys. They claim that it's by
getting you to sign up for other "special offers". But I think that's
only part of it.

I think they sell your e-mail address to every spammer with the money to
buy it.

I have a Gmail account that I recently created. It's barely been used,
and had not received a single spam. The same exact day that I decided
to investigate the freeipods.com thing, using that address, the spam
started. And I'm not talking about one or two e-mails, I'm talking
about 5-10 spams every day for the past month now.

What an interesting coincidence, don't you think? Within a few hours of
signing up for this thing, I start getting spam from a dozen different

You know, I can deal with it when you fill out a form, and the company
there sends you spam. At least you know where it's coming from. But
damn I hate it when those bastards sell your e-mail address to everyone
else, because once it gets out there, you'll never stop it.

We really need to overhaul the entier e-mail infrastructure and come up
with something that has built in authentication and security.


So... do you actually get the free iPod? Because I've created a spam gMail account for the sole purpose of handing out to people I really don't want having my e-mail.

Supposedly. . .

I've been told that they are in fact giving them out, but in order to get it, you have to get like 10 other people to sign up with them, and then go on to sign up for at least a couple of the "special offers" from their affiliates.

Most of which require credit cards and some level of expense.

I would expect that most people don't get enough others signed up and end up with nothing but a whole lot of spam.

Re: Supposedly. . .

Oh, weak. I knew it sounded too good to be true.

Re: Supposedly. . .


I went just far enough to discover how they really worked, and then said, "screw this", and moved on. I'd mostly forgotten about it until I noticed that I was suddenly getting a ton of spam to that address, which started just hours after signing up with them.

That'll teach me that I should always remember to use one of my throw-away addresses for anything I'm not 100% sure of.

Re: Supposedly. . .

My co-workers made a good-faith effort to get the iPod - they actually signed up however many friends with real, valid iastate.edu email addresses, and participated in the offers.

All their applications for iPods were denied. The company claims that its "careful investigation" shows that each co-worker signed up with ten sockpuppet email addresses - even though a quick look at Iowa State's directory shows that these addresses belong to different people at different home addresses.

So I don't believe they're really giving them out at all. I imagine that everyone who signs up is denied because they "can't verify" that the email addresses are legitimate.
I was considering this site after reading the wired article saying that they actually do send ipods out, since I figure I knew enough people who would be interested.

Then I realized that I actually wouldn't use the ipod. I'm just not separated from my computer enough for it :)

Good point. . .

That's a good point.

Honestly, when I think about it, I'm at a computer all day at work, and much of my time at home. In my car I have a CD player. . .

I can't really think of when I'd have a huge need for this kind of thing.
To be excessively jaded, There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

At least, not for long ;-)

hi, just randomly reading up on freeipods.com

well, if it is any consolation, i got my free ipod, and im just a simple high school student from nyc

and i dont mind getting spam. thats what spam blockers are for. :]

Re: hi, just randomly reading up on freeipods.com

I'm also looking around online to find more info about these free iPods. After you got your friends to sign up, did you have to go through with any other bogus stuff before they agreed to ship your product, or was that it?


freeipod scam


I just spent a couple months asking friends and family to sign up for offers through my freeipods account. I had 7 people sign up and complete offers. I never got credit for 2 of the 7 but I did get 5. After I got credit for the 5th offer they said they were going to verify the accounts. After 3 days they put my account on hold and took 4 of my 5 approved offers away. They said that the accounts "appeared" to not be unique users...

I have no idea how they determined this, but I called several of my friends to see if they had been contacted which they had not been.

I really hope that they made some mistake. I emailed them to see what the deal was and am waiting for a response.

I will be sure to report back my results.


on hold as well

I got 7 people signed up they told me 2 were bogus...so that leaves me 5 still "legit" sign ups and they still placed my account on hold ...can you say bogus scammers what they give 1 out of every 100,000 people an ipod so they can post a picture and say see look we give out free ipods hahhaha now we got your email with others and we can s ell them for spam....

I am waiting one day to see what they say then I think we should all report them to the BBB


Re: on hold as well --UPDATE --

Well i was told that I will not be taken off hold cause of viloation from what I heard if 2 people use the same puter that they will but on hold cause same IP...this is Bull

Anyone that wants to get together and report them to the BBB please let me know I will provide my email and set up a complaint account with the BBB so we can shut them down.


Re: on hold as well --UPDATE --

Here is my story with this free ipod deal. I had a total of 5 people successfully completed their offers. After verification, 3 of them were taken off and my account was placed on hold for “multiple account violation” BASTARDS! That is interesting that one of the four was a friend of mine that actually got that stupid credit card from GM as a part of his completed offer. The second person that failed was my dad that lives at a totally different address. Then the third person was someone from the forum online. Now, I have a total of 5 successfully completed offers and my account is still on hold.

After a month of unsuccessful communication with freeipod.com I finally filed a Better Business Bureau complaint against Gratis Internet which is the owner of freeipod.com. A few weeks later a letter from BBB came back with Gratis Internet bull$hit story. I submitted my part of the story to BBB. Yesterday, I got a letter from BBB stating that Gratis Internet hasn’t contacted BBB.

I am willing to take these bastards to court for honoring their offer and coming up with these bs crap. These a$$holes make between 50 to $70 on each offer you sign up. Now do the math on how much money they make.

Re: on hold as well --UPDATE --

Exact same thing happened to me. Four out of five of my referrals were placed on hold. After arguing with them over the uniqueness of these referrals, I finally gave up. For other's experiences with freeipods.com, check out freeifraud.com. Contact me if you need support for a case against them via the BBB.


I too just got put on hold. Same deal as others. I have 5 legit referrals and they ALL completed offers. I have emailed freeipods several times and get the same BS reply. Count me in if you want me to file against them.



I don't know where you're coming up with this information, but freeipods.com is NOT a scam. If you sign up more than once on the same computer, or a family member signs up on the same computer, yes, your offer will be put on hold. But this is NOT scam.

I have recieved a free iPod from that site and a free $300 check from www.tech4free.com. I am now working on getting a free handbag and a $275 paypal payment.

Here's a site explaining the linguistics of this. It also is very useful in getting referrals.

Here's a link to a free $275 paypal payment with one offer completion:

Here's a link to a free designer handbag with one offer completion:

email me at redsummersun@gmail.com if you have any questions or need help.

Re: um....

Nice logic. Lets see here... Four of us have stated that we were "screwed over" by freeipods.com by having our accounts irreversibly placed on hold after attaining 5 legitimate referrals according to their requirements. Do you think we are the only ones out of millions? Also, the company reserves the right to place your account on hold at their own discretion. I wish I had that type of power. For example, maybe this month and the next I will place my car payments on hold. Lastly, let us say that they do send out a couple of free ipods to people who complete their offer. It would be like ten people going to a gas station and prepaying for their fuel. Right before they start, nine out of ten as disqualified for no reason and without any refund.


Chiming in

Just chiming in to say that my account has also been placed on hold. I have five referrals with completed offers and about 30 more that are incompletes. (I got the referrals by placing my referral link on my slightly popular web site.) I helped Gratis bring in hundreds of dollars, and now I get nothing, since the terms of service give them all the power.

It looks like they are sending out just enough iPods to be able to deny being a scam.


freeipods.com is a scam




I spent a couple months asking friends and family to sign up for offers through my freeipods.com account. The way the site advertises itself, you sign up, complete 1 sponsor offer, have 5 friends do the same, and a free Apple iPod is shipped to you at no cost.

I had 5 people sign up and complete offers. After I got credit for the 5th offer they said they were going to "verify" the accounts. After 3 days they put my account on hold and took 2 of my 5 approved offers away. They said that the accounts "appeared" to not be unique users. This is absolutely false, as each friend and family member was a unique and legitimate user, and completed their offer exactly as stated in the terms and conditions posted on the website.

I have no idea how they determined that these users were not unique, and after multiple attempts to contact customer service, they can give me no explanation or evidence proving to me that my referrals were anything other than 100% legitimate.

Upon looking at various internet newsgroups, I found many other stories similar to mine where the user accounts were placed on indefinite hold once the 5 referral threshold was reached. They obviously do this in order to find an excuse not to fulfill their end of the offer and ship the ipod.

The last contact I got from the company was some statement saying that according to their Terms and Conditions, they can place anyone on hold, at anytime, for any reason, and they are under no obligation to provide any details as to why someone is placed on hold.

I would like to file a formal complaint in hopes that others learn of this company's deceptive business practices, and Gratis Networks is forced out of business.


Re: freeipods.com is a scam

I did the same thing and got a reply from BBB stating that at this point I should contact DC local authorities such as small claim court. Well, I am from Ohio and filing for a small claim court won't do anything.

I hope these $$holes burn in hell and get bunch of junk mail :)) Here is gratis information:

819 7th St NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20001 (202) 299-0761
Handy way to create throw-away email addresses at gmail: youralias+extension@gmail.com

gmail aliases.

Oh, neat. Gmail will accept random +foo extensions to an e-mail address?

I do that a lot with my primary e-mail setup (qmail supports this kind of thing, too). I didn't now Gmail did, though.

Thanks for the tip!


freeipods on hold scam

A good way of expressing your disapproval of freeipods misleadng “on hold” con is to:

a) make a complaint to the services that you signed up to via freeipods

b) cancel the services that you sign up to, mentioning that freeipods are the reason

PS If you post this comment on 5 blogs I will send you a free ipod.