October 17th, 2001

Danger Mouse

Mozilla 0.9.5.

Just downloaded.

Looking pretty freakin' sweet. Been running for around an hour now, decent memory footprint, no crashes or slowdowns, or obvious bugs. I'm impressed.
Danger Mouse

"Managing the Database Environment"

Yep, that's one of the joyous classes I'm taking right now.

It's actually one of the more interesting classes I have, since it's entirely Internet moderated. We don't actually meet for class. Well, only twice, anyway, for the midterm and the final. (The midterm happens to be Friday).

In some ways, I really like the class, as it covers database design and theory reasonably well, although it's not quite as in-depth as I would have liked. Admittedly, that's prolly because it's a more intermediate level class, and I'd rather be in a more advanced level class. ;-)

Such a difficult thing, computer classes. They generally fall into two categories: Those that are challenging, and those presenting information I already know.

I enjoy the challenging classes, because it means I'm learning something new, which is always fun. And it is cool to be challenged, and not bored.

But I also enjoy the classes dealing with stuff I already know, 'cause they're easy. ;-)

Actually, I suppose, this class is actually somewhere in between. I've used databases enough on my own that I'm comfortable with the practical aspects of using, running, and developing for them. However, my knowledge of theory isn't as strong as I'd like, so a lot of that is new to me.

If this seems slightly rambling, it's because I'm using this post as an excuse to procrastinate from studying for my test. ;-)
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