October 16th, 2001

Danger Mouse


Available documentation for PHP's "PEAR" project blows serious chunks.

They're sitting on what appears to be a reasonably decent database independent class (analogous to Perl's DBI class), and it's a royal pain to use because I can't find crap for information on it. Do they realize that developers (read, ME) want to use this, and would like to use this, assuming they could figure out how?

In other news, my porting of WikkiTikkiTavi, a really neat wiki to make use of PostgreSQL is stalling. The database abstraction layer designed into 'Tavi is not quite up to handling PostgreSQL (designed for MySQL), and the work it would take to get it directly working with Postgres is about the same as it would require to port it over to using the PEAR DB class.

Yeah, so now I just need to get the motivation to do that. Oh, and the knowledge.
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