October 2nd, 2001

Lord Yupa

The hunt is on!

You are in room 3 of the cave, and have 4 arrows left.
*rustle* *rustle* (must be bats nearby)
*whoosh* (I feel a draft from some pits).
There are tunnels to rooms 3, 3, and 15.
Move or shoot? (m-s) m 15
The whistling sound and updraft as you walked into this room of the cave apparently wasn't enough to clue you in to the presence of the bottomless pit. You have a lot of time to reflect on this error as you fall many miles to the core of the earth. Look on the bright side; you can at least find out if Jules Verne was right...
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    *rustle* *rustle* (must be bats nearby)
Frog Wizard

Rocky Horror Show.

Just before I moved back from New York, I went and saw the Rock Horror Show on Broadway. I won't claim it to be the best performance, the most elaborate, or the best production of the 5 Broadway shows I saw, but it was without a doubt the most fun.

They closed their doors a short while ago, due to empty houses (they're one among many on Broadway) at shows. It now sounds like they're going to be re-opening on October 31st. . . hopefully to keep on going.

One of the reasons I want to go back and visit new York again next summer is to see Rocky again.

Oh, and for all you virgins out there, you should really go see Rocky Horror. If you can't see it on stage, try to find a theater playing it late on Friday or Saturday nights. It's a blast.
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    Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack - Science Fiction / Double Feature