July 18th, 2001

Lord Yupa


I had the singular joy that is taking the IBM IPAT (Information Processing Aptitude Test) test today. All prospective employees are required to take it prior to working with IBM as a regular, full time employee. My manager wanted me to do that, along with some interviews, so I'd be ready for possible future job opportunities.

It's a little over an hour long, or so, all multiple choice, and deals with general reasoning, logic, pattern matching, story problem arithmetic (think that old question, if Train A leaves the station at X time going Y speed, and Train B leaves another station at P time and going Q speed, when will they pass? type of thing).

Overall, it wasn't too hard, although it's set up on at least one section that you won't finish all the questions. (8 minutes, 40 questions.;-)

One thing that annoyed me a little, is that I didn't get my score. Out of curiosity, I enjoy knowing what the scores I achieve are on tests like that, I asked my manager how I did, but she refused to tell me. It seems that it's IBM policy not to divulge the raw scores. Although, since no information is provided on what the raw scores mean, I suppose it doesn't matter all that much.

She said a raw score is given to the managers, along with a chart that says, according to past research, people who score X are somewhat likely to be good programmers, people who score Y are very likely to be good programmers, people who score Z are very likely to be very good programmers, etc. She did say I scored very well on it, and "am very likely to be a very good programmer", so I guess I'll have to be happy with that. ;-)
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