July 12th, 2001

Frog Wizard

Smooth Criminal.

I'm listening to a cover of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal on the radio right now.

It's not as good as Michael's version, but it's actually not horrible in a rough "modern rock" way.

It's totally unexpected, though. The last thing I expected to hear on this radio station was a cover of a Michael Jackson song. ;-)

In other Michael Jackson news, I heard he's planning on doing a show or two in the US. This upsets me greatly because I know there's no way I'll manage to see that show. And I'd give a lot to see him in concert.

Heh, you all prolly didn't know that, did you? Me, the guy who loves rock, metal, progressive rock, weird and eclectic stuff, and lives for an electric guitar, would give almost anything to see Michael Jackson in concert. ;-)

You learn all kinds of things you never wanted to know about people from reading their journal, no? ;-)
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    Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson Cover)
Danger Mouse

So frustrating. . .

I think the guy who runs the HTTP proxy that I'm forced to use is an idiot.

Almost every day, I end up wasting time and losing productivity because I'm unable to access the web. All other Internet traffic works, so I know it's no the firewall, my computer, or anything else. It's just HTTP traffic.

And this happens constantly. I've been unable to access the web reliably at all today, and when I'm trying to search for information on the web, that makes my job really frustrating. I mean, come on, this is IBM, they should be able to manage a simple little HTTP proxy. Although, in general, it seems they do, since none of the people outside of my building seem to experience any problems.

Lucky me, I'm the one who gets stuck on the idiot's segment. ;-/
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    Coverdale and Page - Take Me for a Little While