July 2nd, 2001

Danger Mouse

New York question.

I don't suppose anyone out there who might be from the New York City area knows if there's a way to get from New York City to Long Island (specifically, Jones Beach) via train/subway/etc, is there?

Me and a friend of mine are trying to determine the best way to get there, and with neither of us ever having been there before, we're not sure if we should drive down or take the train to NYC and go from there.

Thanks for any help anyone might have. ;-)
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I think I just replied to over a dozen comments. ;-)

Also making use of some new groups I set up, to help me manage my friends list. I've now set up a "Default View" which excludes some of the noisier communities so I don't have to deal with them when I'm short on time. I then created a "Full" group that includes everything, so I can see it when I want to. ;-)

I've also created a few other groups, such as "SorceryNet" and "communities" to ease in tracking both of those.
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