June 29th, 2001

Frog Wizard

New friending.

I've added hedgegoth to my friends list. He's an IRC old timer who I knew, though not well, back in #afd on DALnet. He showed up on sorcerynet the other day. . . first time I've seen him in years. ;-)

So, he's very cool, he's one of the most talented artists I've seen, and you should definitely check him out. ;-)
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Danger Mouse

Have you voted in the Webby awards?

Okay, most of you have prolly heard of this repeatedly, and I can appreciate that you're tired of hearing it. So, I'll keep this short.

Winning a Webby award could be a really big thing for LiveJournal. Right now, LiveJournal is struggling to keep 2% of it's user base as paying customers. That's it, a measly 2%. Sounds pretty weak, doesn't it?

Well, despite how cool LiveJournal is, it's never had much in the way of media attention, or anything else. We just kind of get ignored, for the most part.

This is our chance to change that. This is how we can tell the world, "Wake up, you bastards! We're here!". All it takes is for you to spend 30 seconds voting for LiveJournal.

Now, normally I hate "web awards". They're stupid, cheesy, and almost always made up by some two bit dork with his 20 minute website. But, the Webby awards are actually different. They're kind of like the Academy Award for the web. They actually get real press attention, and businesses pay attention.

And in my time here, I've really come to think highly of LiveJournal. I think it's amazing that we can even come close to winning a Webby, considering we're a write in candidate, and the only way most people know to vote is word of mouth. The fact that we're even in the race is a testament to just how much we rock. ;-)
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Danger Mouse


Attention, attention please. I'd like to take a moment to make a very important announcement that surely affects everyone:

Thank you for your time, I know you feel the same way I do with regards to this.
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Last day with IBM.

It's not quite exact yet, but I've set my last day with IBM as most likely Friday, July 20th. I may work a day or two the next week, I'm not sure.

Definitely before the end of July, though.

Then it's home to good ol' Omaha, Nebraska. ;-)
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Lord Yupa


Oh, yeah, I'm going to meet up with a friend and see the Broadway production of Rent tomorrow.

Should be fun. ;-)
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