June 19th, 2001

Lord Yupa


I think I've become slightly obsessed with the band, Morphine.

I'm not sure what it is, but the past day or so, I just can't listen to them enough. I keep putting the CD in, and there's a few songs I'm almost starting to get tired of, yet I listen to them repeated still. I just can't help it.

I need to hear more.

Hrm. You know, I just now realized I'm talking about addiction to a band called Morphine. ;-p

I think this means i need more sleep. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

Perl kicks much booty.

Unfortunately, right now, it's my booty that Perl is kicking. ;-/

I hate trying to develope a CGI script when I have to run it off of a poor Win32 webserver, which does no web logging, and I have only ftp access to the machine it runs on.

Especially right now, I made some change which, apparently, has broken the script. As in, it doesn't run. And I have no idea where the problem is, because there's no log to check. I'm getting really close to downloading and installinga webserver on my workstation just so I can do some halfway decent testing.
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Danger Mouse

Putt Putt Tournament.

Last week, I mentioned the Mandatory Meeting my manager called, in order to get everyone in her department to participate in the normally optional mini-golf tournament at work.

There are two prizes. The department with the best attendance wins ice cream, and the department who shoots the best wins pizza.

She made a good call by making the golf mandatory. Everyone in the department participated, and we won the ice cream. Cool. ;-)

We also managed to make it into the final playoff, with one other department. Next Tuesday is the playoff match, to determine who gets pizza. The lady in our department who's handling organizing our golf stuff was joking that we should all go out and practice. My manager decided it wasn't a joke.

She just had us take an hour off work so we could practice putting. Not only that, but she's decided she really wants to win the pizza, now. I guess it's turned into something of a personal rivalry against the other manager who's department made it to the playoffs.

Supposedly, she's even threatened to make putting practice mandatory for us. ;-)

Oh, yeah. I managed to be selected as one of the 5 members of the playoff team. Last week, I shot a 22. Today, I managed a personal best of 17 on the first game, and 21 on the second game (with one hold done over, 'cause I. . . uhh. . .slipped;-).

We've all decided to meet tomorrow morning at 8:30am for our next practice session. ;-)
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Danger Mouse

Tux kernel-space web server.

I just came across this interesting article from ZDNet doing a review and performance test on the Tux 2.0 kernel-space web server.

My favorite quote of the article:
The most unexpected testing issue that came up was our inability to saturate the Tux-based Web server on our standard test server configuration because it was so fast, a problem that forced us to remove two processors from the four-way Dell PowerEdge 6400 server (which was equipped with two Gigabit NICs and 2GB of RAM). This was the only way the testbed of 80 workstations could max out the Tux server.

I've been meaning to give Tux a try. . . perhaps now would be a good time. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

The Switch Arrival.

I think my switch is gonna arrive tomorrow. I got a thing from FedEx saying something was supposed to be delivered today, but no one was home. I'm gonna sign it, and find out tomorrow, but my switch is the only thing I can think of it being.
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