June 10th, 2001

Frog Wizard

The drive.

It's odd how certain things can come to affect you. Sometimes it's little things, but they can have an important effect.

This evening, I was feeling really restless, uncomfortable, etc. I felt like I needed to get out of the house, get away, do something. So, I got in the car, and I started driving.

I'm not entirely sure what it is about driving, but I find it one of the most peaceful things you can do. I think it's just because I've done it so much. My last job, doing the computer side of cable modem installations, had me spending almost half of my work time in the car, driving to customer sites. The job I held before that was as a pizza delivery driver for Godfather's Pizza, which is obviously heavy on driving.

Additionally, when I was growing up all of our "family" vacations were done by driving. I've literally driving through just about every continental US state.

So, I grabbed a good CD (Phil Collins, Greatest Hits), and took off. I ended up driving for a little over an hour and a half total, and I'm feeling really good. There's just something about driving, with music low enough to not be distracting, and being alone that's amazingly peaceful. It's a perfect activity because it keeps you occupied, but when you're driving on the highway mostly, it requires very little "higher brain" thought. Even when giving the attention required to driving, you are left with unburdened, and capable of spending a lot of time with considerations and thoughts.

I think also has to do with the fact that a couple of my closest friends live 20 minutes to an hour away, so I often spend time thinking while driving home after seeing them. It gives me time to reflect on what's occurred, where things are at, stuff like that.

I really do think driving alone is one of my favorite 'places' to be for thinking. ;-)

Anyway, I came to some conclusions on a few things, and I'd planned on writing some of it out now, but I'm too tired. So, I'll wow you all with my pathetic insights tomorrow, or something like that.
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Frog Wizard

New friend.

I've discovered an interesting person today, although it came from a rather roundabout route. It started at a community post, then moved on through poeme, and finally ended up at myriadwhispers, which is who I've just added.

She intrigues me, and think I'm going to read her journal for a while. ;-)
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Danger Mouse

Stupid names.

I came across an article today, discussing 'blogs' and 'blogger'.

Am I the only one who thinks that 'blog' has to be one of the stupidest words they've ever heard? Is it supposed to mean something? Is that someone's bright idea of how to shorten 'web log'? Does anyone actually think that sounds good?

Now, perhaps I'm just a late-comer to the whole online journal thing. I mean, I've been with LiveJournal for a little less than a year now, and sure, I used Advogato before that, and manual web editing before that, and a daily update to a .plan on finger before that, but I'm sure I just missed the reason behind that term.

Or, maybe I just dislike people referring to my online journal with a word that sounds remarkably similar to the sound people make when they blow chunks. Is that wrong? Is it unfair of me to want to disassociate my journal with chunk blowing?

Should I just accept that some people will call it a 'blog'?

Nah, screw that. Anyone who refers to my journal as a blog is getting bitten. ;-)
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Watching one of my all time favorite movies right now, Dead Poets Society.

Carpe Diem!
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