June 7th, 2001

Lord Yupa

How big are they really?

I've seen it mentioned a number of times on LiveJournal, links and such refering to the average size of the male penis. There's been many questions of which survey is the most accurate, etc. I figure this will amuse some of you out there. ;-)

I think I've come across the most accurate and correct one available. Most of the previously mentioned ones relied on self measurements, or a small sample. I found an article on ABC News.com about a recent study conducted.

Now, I trust this study more than most, because it has a motivation well beyond any other: Money.

The study was conducted by the Lifestyles Condom Company, in an effort to ensure proper fit of their condoms. They also used somewhat more demanding standards of measurement than previous studies.

For example, the popular Kinsey study done in the mid'1940's involved self measurement recorded on a postcard. This one involved a doctor and registered nurses, and all measurements were taken twice, by different nurses, to ensure they were valid.

So, since I'm sure you're all impatient and wonders just what the actual average is, here's the figures, according to the survey:

  • About two thirds of men range between 5.1 inches and 6.2 inches.

  • About three fourths of men fall under the Kinsey reported average of 6.2 inches.

  • The average male penis is 5.877 inches long

There we have it, I suppose. Make of it what you will. ;-)
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Went out to IHOP for lunch. I love that place. As a spur of the moment thing, I tossed out an e-mail to a couple co-op friends of mine here, to see if they wanted to join me.

Ended up with 10 people there. ;-)

It was good, though. Much better than eating at the cafeteria. I don't exactly hate the cafeteria, but I don't care much for it. The quality varies tremendously from day to day, and the "average" isn't all that great. I never expected to say this, but I actually much prefer the school cafeteria at UNO to the cafeteria here.

I'm slightly annoyed at my roommates, though. I mentioned to them two days ago that I might be going to IHOP for lunch today, and they both said they were all for it. Today, they didn't bother to show up.


Oh, well. I finished a perl/ftp/jcl dump uploader yesterday, and I need to find the guy in charge of the tool to see about getting it tested. This thing has been hanging over my head for months now, because I've had numerous higher priority projects turn up, and I had to put it on hold. I'm gonna really love to be done with it, now.
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Danger Mouse


I gave my third presentation today, and my first one flying completely solo (my project leader didn't even bother to come over this time). I mentioned an earlier presentation on the same tool a week or so ago here. That one went reasonably well, but nothing like this one.

My presentation today went great. I managed to answer every question and concern raised, I was smooth, the delivery was polished, and the response was excellent.

Now, before I come off as a total dork, I should qualify some of this. I consider myself to be a good public speaker. I mostly enjoy public speaking, and I got a good bit of solid experience with it when I was teaching a couple of classes for a local community college.

So, I expect myself to put forth a fairly decent presentation. Even so, today's went even better than I'd hoped.
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Danger Mouse

Cygwin Tools.

I installed the Cygwin Tools today.

I'm suddenly feeling really stupid. Why in the world did I wait as long as I did? I mean, I know they're useful and make life much nicer when you're forced to work with Windows, but how could I forget what a world of difference it makes? I should have done this the day I got the new work computer.

Either way, I've got everything installed, configured, and ready go to. It's such a relief to have a semi-proper set of development tools. Now I can write a proper makefile, instead of this stupid DOS batch file. ;-)
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Lord Yupa

Props to the Washington Supreme Court.

I want to offer props and my admiration to the Washington Supreme Court. In a decision filed today, they upheld the Washington State law requiring proper, correct, contact information on all unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam). It was challenged by a spammer from Oregon who claimed it was unconstitutional as a state's attempt to limit interstate commerce, a right reserved for the federal government.

Initially, a lower court agreed with him. However, the supreme court disagreed, and argued instead that proper and clear contact information was a requisite for effective interstate commerce, and that instead of limiting it, it facilitated it.

Now we just need to encourage more states to pass similar laws against Spam. I think once we reached a point where spammers could be held more accountable for their actions, we'd see a serious decline in it.
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