May 17th, 2001


No more OOC for me.

I've decided to leave the outofcontext community. While OOCs can be an absolute blast, the OOC community just isn't very funny.

Half of the posts are not OOC quotes, they're just random things that people think are funny, and the other half are things which meant exactly how they sound OOC, when they were said in context, which rather defeats the point.

If you want a funnier, lower traffic, and better done OOC source, check out mtffm's OOC mailing list, the orgasm@ list. This list, while fairly new, builds on the tradition of an older orgasm list, one that ran for years and provided much fun.

If you'd like to join the list, just send a blank e-mail to
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Frog Wizard

LiveJournal Purity Score.

Well, since everyone and their mother is doing this, I figured I'd be a lower with no life of my own, and took the LJ Purity test, too.

Here is the result of your LiveJournal Purity Test.
You answered "yes" to 75 of 100 questions, making you 25.0% lj pure (75.0% lj corrupt); that is, you are 25.0% pure in the lj domain (you have 75.0% LiveJournal Freak in you).

I think I have one of the highest scores I've seen so far. . . God I feel pathetic now. ;-)

So, make me feel better by being another purity test sheep, and go take the test.
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