May 16th, 2001

Frog Wizard

More feature niftiness.

Well, this goes along with the <lj user=username> feature that I recently mentioned, it looks like bradfitz has another little trick up his sleeve.

If you do:

<a href="lj://user/topher/">Hey, it's me!</a>

then you'll get:

Hey, it's me!

In other words, it's a nice shorthand for linking to users where you want to specify the text instead of having it display their username. ;-)
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Frog Wizard

Towel Day!

It has been proposed by some guys at BinaryFreedom that May 25th should be declared Towel Day and that everyone should carry a towel around all day, in memory of Douglas Adams's passing.

Personally, I think this idea rocks, and I encourage everyone to participate. I know I will. ;-)
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LiveJournal shirts.

I was looking at the final results for the LiveJournal t-shirts that insomnia has been putting together, and I have to say they're looking good. Better than I thought they would, honestly. ;-)

It's also cool that they will come in long sleeved, too. I'm thinking I'll have to get one once they're available.
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