May 15th, 2001

Frog Wizard

Life is good.

Headache is gone, after being resident in my head for over 10 hours yesterday.

Today is a beautiful day simply because it isn't being seen through a haze of blinding pain. ;-)
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Ever wonder why you should get a paid account?

I know a lot of people wonder if a paid account is worth it, and whether or not they should bother. I know I did, before I got one.

Well, now bradfitz has given people a great new reason to get a paid account. . . a separate, fast, paid user only LiveJournal server. This means that LiveJournal should be faster and more responsive for you if you get a paid account.

Nifty, eh? ;-)
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I yanked this from chrisg, it's a typing test thing done with JavaScript. Here's my initial results:
Percentage Accuracy : 100%
Percentage Inaccuracy : 0%
Characters per minute : 451 cpm
Characters per second : 7 cps
Words per minute : 86 wpm
Words per second : 1 wps
Total Speed status : Too Good
Overall Accuracy : Absolutely Spot on

Not bad, and I did better than expected with accuracy, but I know I can type faster than that. Second try confirms that:
Percentage Accuracy : 98.80239520958083%
Percentage Inaccuracy : 1.1976047904191615%
Characters per minute : 501 cpm
Characters per second : 8 cps
Words per minute : 93 wpm
Words per second : 1 wps
Total Speed status : Too Good
Overall Accuracy : Brilliant

My biggest problem with this thing is the poor grammar and punctuation in the selection you have to type. I try to be as correct as possible with what I type, and it slows me down when I have to type something that doesn't make sense.

From old typing tests that I've done in the past, I'd guess I could beat my time here by another few words per minute with a different text selection. It's all JavaScript and HTML, from the look of it, so I ought to swipe it and put it up on a separate page, with a better text sample. Oh, well. Too much work.

Of course, my score would drop if there were more numbers or non-alphanumeric symbols, too. ;-)
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Lisp/Scheme Information.

I wrote this for someone else, who was curious as to what Lisp (and the Lisp dialect, Scheme) were based on, what they were used for, etc.

If you'd like to see a quick introduction to Lisp/Scheme, what it is, how it's used, etc, take a look. ;-)

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